Our goal is to provide our clients with the most reliable insight into the characteristics and potential of candidates by using high quality assessment services for the organizational context. Guided by this mission, we have designed a portfolio of assessment methods and tools that represent the best solutions, whether you need professional selection or want to identify and develop talent within your company.


Investing in people is the best possible investment a company can make. Why? Because people make up your system and it is their potential, capacity, engagement, and satisfaction that represent the main resources of your success. Let’s wake them up together by using efficient, adapted, innovative and gamified professional solutions for individuals’, teams’ and organizations’ development.


The contemporary dynamic world of business poses numerous challenges for each company and its representatives. How to survive in the labor market in the long run? How to gain a competitive advantage? To make efficient and effective decisions, all challenges need to be addressed strategically.

Women in business

Gender equality in the world of business is a topic we have been facing to more often. Do women have the same rights in the business world or is this still a myth of the 21st century?

The research has been made by consultants of Assert International and in cooperation with partner companies ManpowerGroup Serbia, ManpowerGroup Croatia and ManpowerGroup Slovenia.

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Assert evolves as a unique fusion of expertise and methodologies with a purpose of provoking the market by applying solutions that bring results and change your perspectives related to Assessment, Development and Research impact.

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