It’s hard to get the right talents and it’s even harder to keep them.

That is why we have created assessment solutions that aim to identify the factors that contribute to the commitment and retention of employees within the organization.

If we want to adequately assess the motivational factors, it is necessary to:

  • We accurately identify the specific needs and information we want to obtain through the assessment.
  • We select the most relevant assessment methodologies and tools according to needs and objectives (competency-based interview, personality tests, or comprehensive assessment center). we inform employees about the details of the assessment process and conduct an assessment in accordance with the target group and the goal of the assessment
  • We analyze the obtained results and identify the main motivational factors as well as retention factors in employees, together with the degree to which these factors are currently met in the organization
  • We define the most appropriate interventions that can be undertaken with the aim of retaining and increasing employee satisfaction. Assert Assessment consultants can support you in every part of the assessment process in order to increase the commitment and motivation of employees.