Partner to your business and partner to your employees

The service provides you with a comprehensive program of systematic and professional support in all key HR processes in the company, such as:

• Screening current HR structure, processes, and procedures
• Creating a hiring and recruitment plan
• Defining recruitment and hiring procedures and realization of the process
• Identifying training needs and planning realization of Talent Development Strategy
• Job evaluation, job grading and benchmarking
• Creating a performance monitoring plan for all roles in the company
• Creating a plan for the reward system and setting up a bonus scheme
• Creating a plan to improve employee engagement and productivity
• Managing the employee onboarding and training
• Monitoring and analyzing the efficiency of HR processes and their alignment with legislation in effect
• HR administration
• Employer Branding
• Alignment of all HR Procedures with the general business strategy

By choosing this service you will receive:

• Dedicated consultant for systematic and professional support in executing key HR processes
• Efficient and cost-effective execution of HR processes
• Planning HR needs/processes on a monthly and quarterly level, with regular reporting on progress
• Outsourcing of HR activities (BPO)
• Objective evaluation of all implemented/improved processes
• Additional HR activities as means of support for business and employees