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Our partner Gamelearn revolutionized the corporate training world, providing engaging solutions for your employees’ development – Serious games.

Serious games are the result of the use of a game-based methodology in a video game format. Serious games create realistic situations in a virtual world and ensure learning because students can put skills into practice and learn from their own experience, decisions, and mistakes in a zero-risk and secure environment. That is why improving soft skills through a serious game is much more effective than other methods.

Gamelearn uses sophisticated simulators that represent real situations together with useful content and provides users with a set of tools, strategies, and techniques which are directly applicable in the workplace. Gamification elements like storytelling, badges, and levels generate engagement, while rankings and challenges increase motivation in the participant. A participant receives personalized feedback based on his/her responses, decisions, behavior, and test results, as well as points that allow ranking in the training group, in relation to the acquired knowledge and actions during the game. Participants can download the material and thus provide recall and refreshment of knowledge over time, while their progress is tracked and all your team’s relevant KPIs are reviewed.

Employees take roles and play Serious game with the goal of mastering the specific tasks and developing specific skill.



Why choose Gamelearn?

  • It has been demonstrated that game-based learning is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement and cement learning more effectively and for longer.
  • Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that the use of game-based learning and simulators fosters experiential learning (learning by doing), increases student motivation and reduces training costs.
  • As a result, game-based learning is experiencing annual growth of 18.9% and is set to top revenues of 7 billion dollars by 2021.

Gamelearn solution can be training for itself, but also support for established training plan for individual and group development.


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Customizable Serious games


Take the opportunity to convey any content to your employees in a fun way.
With the ability to customize the content of the games, increase the engagement and efficiency of your training process and internal communication.
Transmit information immediately and in a homogeneous format to geographically diverse staff.

Support the digital transformation of your company.
Save time and reduce costs associated with any training program, on-boarding or internal communication.

Bring innovation, technology and fun from your department across the organization.




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