Where do you find yourself in this newly developed situation which, by changing the rhythm of the existing machinery, influenced the role of the most crucial of its parts – the man? Are you, in fact, just collateral damage?

If that is the case, we have prepared for you a first aid kit of sorts. Remember – you are not alone in this, it is not the end of the world and YES, there is something you can do!


#PullYourselfTogether – Every storm eventually dies down. Although it is both expected and natural, your focus on the negative aspects of this situation doesn’t help. Therefore, we wish to encourage you to take a strategic offensive, starting with the question – Where would you like to be when this is all over?

By steering ourselves towards accomplishing goals and problem-solving, we activate personal resources, become proactive, take responsibility and make moves crucial to our wellbeing. Looking at our predicament not as something fixed but as an obstacle we need to overcome, triggers adrenaline release which gives us more strength and energy. By perceiving our goal and acting towards it, we create positive emotions which provide additional support to our brain functions, expanding the horizons of our ideas and options. In those moments we are stronger, bigger and more powerful. Bam! For some of you who are given the opportunity, this is also a good time to stop and think about questions like “What do I really want to do?“, “What job do I want?”, or “What fulfills me?”.

#UpdateYourCV – This is both necessary and crucial. No matter what your career is, CV is an integral part of your Promo Package. Keep it up to date and fill in all the relevant information regarding your education, work experience, acquired skills, languages you speak and so on. Additionally, include some information regarding your personal motivators and package it all in attractive and modern form. Lastly, prepare templates of your motivational letter suitable for specific occasions.

#ImproveYourLinkedIn/Facebook – The second part of your Promo Package. Keep in mind that recruiters are out there, stalking (and they will keep at it), and you need to get noticed. Activate and freshen up your profiles. Add relevant information (work experience, education, contact info.) and improve your chances of getting on the recruiters’ radar.

#GetInformed – Pay attention to your surrounding job market, the opening and closing of businesses, especially those in your vicinity.

#GetInGear – Start your job search and start sending those applications all over the place – Infostud, Jooble, Brzo do posla, Lako do posla, LinkedIn… Inform everyone through your social media accounts that you are searching for a job. Proactively send out your CVs to businesses of interest. If you live in a smaller city, make your approach more personal by inquiring about positions in person and delivering your CV on foot. Showing initiative and commitment can only do you good.

#Contacts – Think about contacts which could be of use in your search for new job opportunities – through recommendations, useful information or advice regarding the best means of contacting your potential employers and expressing interest. Activate your LinkedIn network by adding contacts from businesses you are interested in and introducing yourself.  Next, offer your services and ask for information.

#JobInterviewPreparation/NewOpportunities – This is also a period of preparation for what is to come – the job interview with your employer. Think about how you want to approach the interview, outline your story, identify your core strengths and competences while striving to improve where necessary. Read articles and watch tutorials that may assist you. Ask yourself what your “best self” looks like and how to activate it.

#AdjustYourExpectations – Do keep in mind that the outcome of all the abovementioned activities is influenced by the situation on your job market as well. If you need employment immediately, be open towards a variety of positions, expect the unexpected, and try to view your situation as temporary.

The strategic goals presented here should empower you to direct your activities in a self-reliant fashion. However, if you are in need of a partner on this journey, we welcome you to join the Talent Acquisition program of the ManpowerGroup team, which offers professional consultancy in the fields of career development and employment. If you wish to book a call/session with their consultants you can do so through this here link: https://lnkd.in/gc4XmAq. (The program is free of charge)

If you additionally find yourself searching for a clarity of vision regarding the future of your career, boosting your confidence and developing your competencies as well as improving your abilities to handle change and stressful situations, then allow the Assert team to provide you with skilful support through their program of External career transition. We expect your applications at: team@assert.pro.


Ivana Mrđen

HR Partner