Optimized organizational structure as one of the key steps towards an efficient business

Is your company in the process of growth or are you in the start-up phase of developing an organizational system? Do you want to identify key aspects of organizational structure of your company with the potential for improvement? Do you aspire to modify the company’s reporting lines so that they are as closely aligned as possible with the key aspects of the business?

​Transformation concept represents a crucial step towards redefining structure, processes and work tasks within positions, and their compatibility with strategic goals in the direction of maintaining efficiency and stability throughout all aspects of business. With the implementation of the specific ABO methodology (Activity Based Optimization), allocation of resources is enabled based on defining key activities for every sector’s business throughout the company.

You receive:

  • Suggestions for creating an improvement plan for the organizational structure
  • Model of new/redesigned organizational scheme
  • Specifically created plan for implementing the new organizational structure
  • Insight in the intra and intersectoral communication and cooperation
  • New/revised rulebook following systematization
  • Redefined job titles, as well as job descriptions following the transformation concept and market trends