Devote time to your employees…

What is the best way to increase company profit, but without endangering satisfaction of employees? What is important to your employees in the company? How can you increase employee’s engagement in achieving company goals?

Engagement and Satisfaction Study provides evaluation of the current atmosphere in the company. This research will help us to understand employees’ needs, desires, motives and current satisfaction/dissatisfaction with different aspects of the company. Based on this information employer will be able to design and implement adequate changes that will have positive and long-term effects to company business. We will retain employees and increase their productivity.

 You receive…

  • Level and quality of employees’ satisfaction with different aspects of company’s culture (type of job, team, management, organization of work…)
  • Insights into the perception of the company by the employees with the help of the Net Promoter Score
  • Insights into the factors that influence employee retention and fluctuation rates
  • Suggestions for creating an action plan to improve organizational culture and maximize engagement and effectiveness of human resources