Competitive rewarding system as a starting point for a successful business

You are willing to optimize your compensation and benefits costs? You are willing to create a fair Comp & Ben system for all the employees? Your company needs a revision of the complete Comp & Ben system, or you want to design a completely new system?

Based on a thorough job analysis and evaluation, we create a transparent, fair and competitive system for employees, while optimizing costs. Knowing the value of each job/task is key to creating a fair package of compensation and benefits. A payment system, as well as benefits system, is created as a unique package that is suitable exclusively for different aspects of organizations.

You receiveā€¦

  • Objective job evaluation
  • Set up pay-grades according to job evaluation
  • Linking job positions to appropriate pay-grade
  • Benchmarking current market salaries
  • A competitive Comp & Ben system
  • Suggestions for employees’ career path