In the organizational context, there is often a need for psychometrically valid and objective measurement of different characteristics, skills or abilities of candidates or current employees. Using precise tools such as SHL’s for evaluation and development you will get valid and reliable results that further enable numerous benefits to the organization and the business. If the organization appreciates the value of investment in talent selection and development using predictive tools such as SHL’s assessments it will invest in their most valuable resource – employees!

Why choose SHL compared to other methodologies?

  • Validated and standardized methodology, on the Serbian and global sample
  • Norms are aligned with the level of position (managers, experts, graduates, operatives).
  • Solution that is based on best practise of the most successful companies
  • Award-winning methodology that provides proven business results by improving the quality of decisions in hiring and employee development, as well as better alignment of people and the business strategy.

More about the SHL assessment



Globally recognized personality inventory that measures 32 specific personality characteristics, related to the Universal competency framework (UCF) thus it can predict the performance in every position. It is designed to provide the employer with information about aspects of the individual’s behaviour that will have an impact on job performance. On the other hand, it enables employees to better understand their potential, strengths, and limitations, which makes them more committed to work and develop.

Benefits of using OPQ:

  • Speed – the testing process takes less than 45 minutes, and report is generated automatically
  • It is available in the Serbian language and standardized for Serbian population
  • Prevents from socially desirable answering
  • Suitable for the evaluation of all levels of hierarchy
  • Precise and objective selection process
  • Reveals potential and gives guidance on development opportunities and needs of individuals and teams
  • Results in significant financial savings for the company by making decisions based on data


identifies the greatest individual’s motivators and demotivators and measures 18 dimension of motivation which provides a comprehensive profile of motivational factors that affecting individual achievement at work.

 Benefits of using MQ:

  • Suitable for all position levels
  • Helps to understand the link between the motivation of the person and its commitment
  • Enables the identification of the strongest individual motivators and demotivators, thus enhance management activities
  • Helps leaders to adapt management skills, that resulting in greater involvement of the employee
  • Contribute to better communication and understanding own and others’ needs


Assessment tool designed to identify potentially risky and problematic behaviour in the context of manufacturing, transport, warehouse, and other repetitive jobs.

Benefits of using DSI:

  • Quick and easy to interpret, requires no special formal training
  • 5 minutes testing
  • Predicts absenteeism, work quality, following of rules and procedures, potential for adequate relationships with colleagues, respect for authority and safety behaviour.


Specifically designed Assessment to help assess and develop the behaviours associated with successful job performance in the areas of manufacturing and production. It is applicable to a wide range of selection and development activities, ranging from recruitment, one-to-one performance counselling, training needs analysis, through to team building and restructuring.Benefits of using WSQ:

  • Quick and easy (less than 25 min)
  • Designed for entry-level positions


Complete solution that enables fast and efficient evaluation of abilities. It is designed to measure numerical abilities, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, verbal abilities, the ability to manipulate numbers, understanding of mechanical principles, the ability to quickly and accurate comparisons of information and general ability that involves problem-solving and critical reasoning.

Assessment of cognitive abilities aims to identify candidates with the highest potential for successful performance at position.

 Benefits of using SHL Verify:

  • Measure comprehensive set of abilities and can be used for various types of jobs
  • Large database of items enables to generate unique capability test for each candidate separately, which increases reliability and reduces the possibility of cheating
  • Enables organizations to quickly eliminate weak candidates, to save time and direct selection process to the candidates with greater potential
  • Provides cost savings through better decisions in the selection process, which reduces the outflow of staff and improves performance
  • With good predictive validity it is possible to predict job performance
  • Requires minimal administrative involvement, it’s online, quickly generate results and is available to candidates at any time.


Knowledge and skills tests make their greatest contribution to the selection of candidates for operational and expert positions to determine the level of expertise that the candidate possesses. When it is necessary for the candidate to be ready to take up professional activities on the first day on the job.Tests are most used to assess MS Office knowledge, English language, multitasking or organizational skills.

Assessment categories that SHL offers:

  • Business skills
  • Software skills

IT skills such as coding, working in programming languages.